Send a Gift of Sashiko Learning

Send a Gift of Sashiko Learning

It has been a great pleasure to share the Sashiko Stitching with more than thousands of people over the world. "Accessability" is what I agreed with Domestika when they reached out to me. The Domestika Course is Introduction to the Sashiko Stitching. Therefore, some of very important elements (which I call [Core & Essence]) aren't covered throughly. However, I believe & many review say that it is a great place to start learning what Sashiko is.

Gift "Sashiko Course" to someone precious to you

I had several inquires about making this course as the Gift with the Supply Package. So, here is what I prepared. This Package includes a Standard Supply Package for the Domestika Course and the Gift Code to join the Course. Once someone you care receive the package, all they need is to activate the code & start watching the videos with the materials inside with some basic crafting tools such as rulers and scissors. 


For the special deal about this Package, I will include a message card (or Thank you card) on behalf of you. I will write what you ask me to write. If you know someone who wish to learn Sashiko, please consider sending this as a Great Gift to start Learning Sashiko!


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Domestika Course: Learn the Japanese Sashiko Stitching

Atsushi Futatsuya, as a Long-Established Sashiko Artisan, share the best introduction to Japanese Sashiko Stitching. 

If you are interested in Sashiko, you may wonder where to start, what is a good recommendation in books, or even how to learn Sashiko. Atsushi receives this type of question frequently, and he had been saying there aren't his recommendation on books written in English by Non-Japanese Authers. The books aren't wrong, but unfortunately, because of cultural & language difference, the Sashiko introduced in English today is greatly simplified. 

To share his recommendation from his profession, he decided to summarize the Sashiko he practice with as less simplification as possible. If you are new to Sashiko, please consider taking the course. The Supply Package itself is available to purchase without Gift Code.


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