We try to pass down the Sashiko we practice.

Supplies for the Sustainability of Our Sashiko

Years of Activities as a Sashiko Artisan

Our Company, Upcycle Stitches, has been a leading Sashiko Educator and Supplier for many years. For the detail information for up-coming Sashiko Class, for organizing a Sashiko Workshop, and for the Sashiko Events Atsushi offers, please check the Company Website.

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Hand-Stitched by our Sashiko Artisans to pass down the Essence.

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We Offer What We Use Everyday.

In order to support Sashiko's Sustainability, we sell the best quality supplies & tools on top of our Sashiko Pieces. We proudly sell only what we use in our daily stitching. Please check our product & find what you are looking for by filtering.

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Rising Sashiko Artisans

We are proud of what we have been sharing as "Sashiko Story". We have a fortunate to meet many Rising Sashiko Artisans. Please check what they can do by enjoying their Sashiko Works. Sashiko isn't in the Past yet.

Also, please consider joining Upcycle Stitches Sashiko Workshop (In-Person or Online) to be the next Rising Sashiko Artisans with learning [Core & Essence] of the Sashiko we have been practicing.

Sashiko by Unshin-Kai