Sashiko Japan Tour Organized by Upcycle Stitches

Sashiko Japan Tour Organized by Upcycle Stitches

It has been my sincere pleasure to offer "Sashiko Japan Tour" for those who are very much interested in learning Sashiko in Japan. It is a tour of certain days within Japan to "meet" people & "experience" Sashiko in Japan.

The main focus on this tour is "Sashiko". Therefore, the tour isn't for everyone. However, I offer this tour with confidence that I am the only one who can offer - and the time is tickinking as we are all accumurating days on our lives.

One can visit Japan as a tourist whenever they want. This isn't just a tour to visit tourists' places for taking photos. It is a tour to be "inside" of our Sashiko, and meet Sashiko Artisans/Masters who aren't well introduced outside of Japan.


Registration for the current Sashiko Japan Tour. If it is sold out (Booked Full), please fill out the Waiting List.



Why do we offer this Sashiko Japan Tour

[What is Sashiko?] is the most frequent quesiton I receive. Unfortunately, I do not have the one-sentence answer for this question as I do not want to simplify the practice of Sashiko. In order to offer the answer to this question sufficienty, I would need to ask you to keep reading & listening to my story. To shorten that process, I decided to oragnize this Sashiko Japan Tour.

Joining Sashiko Japan Tour will NOT make them an expert. However, it will show the Sashiko "we" practice that are not introduced by those who superficially modify the culture of Sashiko. Stitching with other Sashiko Artisans, often with more than decades of experience, will enrich their understanding of Sashiko over the language differences. 


Reasons for the Tour Price.

Looking at the Other Small Group Tour to Japan, I think the Pricing for this tour is very reasonable. However, I understand the need of knowing for the reasons of pricing as I would like to know if I were the participants. 

Here are the reasons for the Pricing.


We priotize the "Convenience/Comfort" over both "Luxery" and "Cheap"

With limiting the group to the number of 8 maximimum, we can plan the tour considering participants as a "friend/family" instead of just a tour participants in a larger group. We will do our best to customize the tour based on the preference & even restrictions.

The tour does NOT focus on Luxery Experience. We will not stay in the expensive hotels where we will be treated as the VIP guests. Instead, we will try to arrange a comfortable & conveniences place & location for the best experience of the Sashiko.

The tour is a series of workshop

I offer 3-Days or 5-Days workshop in the United States. This tour may be considered as 10-Days workshop that Atsushi offers... like a retreat while enjoying the time in Japan.

All of the participants will be a graduate of [Core & Essence] Sashiko Workshop, either In-Person or Online. This workshop will keep offering the "stitching project" throughout the tour (or even before the tour), and the participants will find their own Sashiko at the end of the tour. The end of the Tour may be the beginning of their Sashiko Journey.


Respect to the Unknown Sashiko Artisans 

To offer Sashiko Workshops that I am not well qualified to teach, we ask other Sashiko Artisans to teach their Sashiko. As they are not well-known, it is possible to negotiate to have lower pricing for the Instructor Fee. In this workshop, I do pay to them sufficiently in my standard so that their Sashiko can be sustainable as well as ours. 

If the goal is to "squeeze" the benefit out of them, then I can lower the Tour Price. However, the hidden goal (hope) for the Japanese Artisans are to be "well known" so that more syles, types, and kinds of Sashiko will be passed down. Often, the participants become their first students as the Artisans do not usually offer the workshops. 

Then, one day, you will be proud of whom you learn Sashiko From - as every single instructors have the ability & credential to be famous & well-respected. The issue they have is that they do not have language proficiency, and they do not think they are worthwhile... (which is my job to convince them).

You will see their Sashiko - and their Sashiko will speak for themselves. You will not need my explanation on words.


We choose the Finest Food possible

Food/Meals are one of the exiting element of traveling abroad. For the "Official Dinners", which are included to the Tour price, we will choose the Finest & most Local Food available from the budget & location. We want you to experience the very best of Japan.

For the "Dinner Choice", which is the dinner opportunities not included to the Tour Fees, we will suggest the unique experience with reasonable budgets where Atsushi or Keiko would enjoy food/meals.

Although Japan isn't so well prepared for the food restriction/preference (such as Vegan and Gluten Free Meals), I will do my best to arrange the substitution. If not available, I will suggest the alternative place for the dinner.


And... Atsushi & Keiko are with you all the time. You may ask any questions during the tour. At the time of registration after learning Sashiko from us, we consider you as a friend.. but this tour of 10 days will make us more than just friends. That's how I felt after the completion of previous Sashiko Japan Tour, and all the feedbacks I recieve state the similar. 


    Sample Itinerary for Sashiko Japan Tour. 

    It isn't a tour for sightseeing although I will offer as many opportunities & possibilty for visiting tourists places & shopping as possible. Thanks to many help of Japanese Sashiko Artisans who live in Japan locally, we invite you to join the exclusive & unique experience one can think of. Local Experience (even in Tokyo) means that visiting their "Ordinary". Sashiko's Core exists in the Ordinary. 

    This is the best way to pass down the Sashiko we practice.


    B=Breakfast,  OD=Official Dinner, DC=Dinner Choice W=Workshop
    ☆ means it may be subject to change due to the on-going arrangement. Other schedule may be subject to minor change (like switching days).

    Day 0. Arrive at either Narita Airport (NRT) or Haneda Airport (HND) near Tokyo. Atsushi will greet you at a Bus Terminal Near the Hotel (Non-Stop Limousine Bus is available from both NRT and HND). 

    Day 1. Visit Keiko's Tokyo Exhibition in the old downtown of Tokyo where you will meet many Japanese Sashiko Artisans. If the schedule allows, we will visit the Oedo Antique Market (The actual Antique Market date will be announced in August). Evening to Night, we will have a meet-up for the official greeting for the Beginning of this Journey. OD

    Day 2. Start your day at the studio of MOKUYOUKAI, with the legendary Kogin Master, Takagi-Sensei. Immerse yourself into the world of Kogin for a Whole Day Workshop. You have a choice to stay at their studio afternoon to keep enjoying Kogin, or arrange a visit to other locations for your own interest. W, OD, 

    Day 3. Workshop Opportunity by 2 Star Rising Sashiko Artisan, Nana & Shioriko to experience their Unshin & modern Koginzashi. We will make a visit to a suburb of Tokyo to experience the local family experience. W, DC

    Day 4. Workshop with a Special Guest. Working on it! (As we stay in Shinjuku Area, you may arrange a visit to a shopping center nearby). W, B, DC

    Day 5. Travel into the mountains to visit where Atsushi’s Sashiko had started: Takayama. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape in transit. B, OD

    Day 6. A Full Day Workshop by Keiko Futatsuya to learn the “Authentic Boro” piece. For dinner, Atsushi's family will invite a whole group to their house to have the "Family Party (in Japanese Style)".   W, B, OD

    Day 7. Sashiko Workshop by Reiko Obata, another legendary yet Unknown Sashiko Master with more than 40 years of experience in Sashiko. This is a day for the meet up with Japanese Sashiko Artisans in Takayama. Dinner will be served in the Official Meet-up. W, B, OD 

    Day 8. A day of stitching while visiting a beautiful folk village museum - Hida no Sato. We will stop by a small antique fabric store where you may find a great deal of vintage fabric. For dinner, we will have an official Dinner at the long-established restaurant with 400+ years of history. B, OD

    Day 9.  Moving to Kanazawa after a short visit to the National Heritage of Shirakawa-go. A short Workshop may be available in Kanazawa (So Many Options!). I am working on it! B, DC

    Day 10. Moving Kanazawa to Tokyo. Depending on the time of departure from Kanazawa, we may be able to visit either Tokyo Sky Tower or Asakusa. I am working on opportunities to meet guest Sashiko Artisans, but it may not be possible as it is a short day. DC

    Day 11.  Dismiss the Tour in the Farewell Breakfast. B


    For the Sustainability of Sashiko & our activities

    Your understanding & interest in our Sashiko Japan Tour is very much appreciated. It is my best intention to keep offering the tour every year... yet I do not know if I can do so as the conditions & environment changes significantly. 

    To learn Sashiko more, please consider joining the Course & Patreon.


    Introductory Course on Domestika

    [Core & Essence] Sashiko Online Class 

    *I will deduct the amount you paid for the Sashiko Online Class when you join the Sashiko Japan Tour.

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