Sashiko Story 2 - Acceptance & Kakugo

Sashiko Story 2 - Acceptance & Kakugo

For me, “Acceptance (To Accept)” is one way to explain what “Japanese (Culture)” is. Naturally, as Sashiko is a form of Japanese Stitching, it requires us to have a proper understanding & application of “Acceptance” to understand what Sashiko is. “Acceptance” is rather easy for us (Japanese) as it has been a part of our lives. However, in contrast, “Acceptance” seems to be quite challenging to Western Mindset regardless how much the trend pushes them to “accept”. The “Acceptance” I talk about (and in Sashiko) has one characteristic. It is the Acceptance of “As is”.


When one changes the condition of “As is”, it is not Acceptance any longer - it is “Interpretation”. And, today’s Sashiko in English is full of “Interpretation”. The Majority of people who enjoy Sashiko “change” it based on what they want, comfort, and profit. There is nothing wrong with “Interpretation” - it is just unfair that they say it is the answer, not “their interpretation” - otherwise, how can one teach Sashiko without even understanding this “Acceptance” in Japanese?

Needless to say, the Western Values lead us to be here. Needless to say, there are other “values” than Western Values. Umm. Is it “Needless to say”? Probably, I need to say it. When they teach Sashiko with mixing some cultural values, then one has to learn very seriously. When they use the words “WabiSabi”, “Zen”, or “All you need to know” - then it is for marketing purposes. Sashiko is simple & easy, but also very deep. Enjoying Sashiko will never be disrespectful to me. However, when they say they know about Sashiko (enough to teach) - it is disrespectful & disgusting.



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