Best Sashiko Thread From Sashiko Artisans Perspective

Best Sashiko Thread From Sashiko Artisans Perspective

As Sashiko becomes a trend in English, we now see many threads named "Sashiko Thread". Among many choices, you may wonder which thread is most suitable for Sashiko. This is a thought of the Best Sashiko Thread from a group of Sashiko Artisans' Perspective. 


Thread Matters in Sashiko

Some say "Any Thread" is good for Sashiko. It is a true statement that you can use any threads. However, to appreciate the purpose of Sashiko, and to compensate your precious & long time in stitching, we strongly recommend using the thread designed & manufactured for Sashiko Thread. It isn't "Thickness" what matter. It is the twist, and it requires years of continuous practice to make sure the thread is suitable for Sashiko.


Coron Sashiko Thread

Our all time favorite is Sashiko Thread manufactured by Coron-Thread Company. Here is a Blog Article I wrote 7 years ago before Sashiko became the big trend.


We had(have) a permission from the Artisan (Owner) of Coron thread to distribute their/our wonderful Sashiko Thread to the Global Market with very careful explanation. There is a reason why I wrote "We Had" the permission, Unfortunately, in Covid Pandemic, the artisans in Coron Thread Company had decided to discontinue their production. Very sadly, following the closing of their business, the Artisan who gave us the permission had passed away. He talked about his retirement even 10 years ago or so... so it is sadly how one precious tradition could end. Strictly speaking, the best Sashiko Thread - Coron Sashiko Thread - doesn't exists any longer. 


Inherited will

After going over so many challenges, we now have the manufacture with Coron's Inherited will. So, we do have the best Sashiko Thread, very very similar to the Coron Sashiko Thread we used to carry. 

It is the best Sashiko Thread. This thread make All of our Sashiko Stories happen. At the same time, as much as I cerebrate the freedom of "Choice" in choosing the thread, I do not want to repeat the same sadness & dispare... In 2024, we think we can get more amount of thread (not even close to the amount before covid... but more stable than the previous years). 

It is very important for us to "preserve" the culture of Sashiko with the appropriate supplies & tools. Your understanding, support, and most importantly "Enjoying Sashiko understanding why we use this thread" is very much appreciate. In Long Term, using the appropriate Sashiko thread will be much cost efficient than using some cheap thread. Sashiko doesn't end when stitching is done. The true journey of Sashiko "Start" when stitching is done, and stitches with these  threads are the key to have long lasting Sashiko items. 


Sashiko Thread Availability 

As Coron Thread Company no longer exist, we will name the thread "Sashi.Co Thread". All of the thread on this website is Sashi.Co Thread - just different colors!

Check the Color of Best Sashiko Thread. 


More Stories about Sashiko Thread

As Thread is very important in Sashiko, I share more storiers on Instagram & Youtube. I hope this clarify some of the misunderstanding in Sashiko.

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