Front and Back Side of Sashiko

Front and Back Side of Sashiko


I occasionally find a discussion about Front and Back Side of Sashiko Stitching. Some say it is challenging to make a "wrong" side with neatly finished. Others say it is impossible to have both side as "finished side (similar look)" and define it as the Sashiko's Nature.

Unforunately, they are all misleading the practice of Sashiko. We "can" make both side of Sashiko beautifully, and finish with almost identical look. It is just a matter of "wisdom" and "skill" - those who advise others it is "impossible" to do so - they do not have skill or experience to do so. 


Please do not get me wrong. 

It is perfectly fine when one stitcher "cannot" do it. Practice makes it better, and it is one of the topics I teach in my courses. This becomes the issue when they are changing culture itself by saying it is impossible to do it. 

As we, both Japanese & non-Japanese who learned Sashiko from us, can do so - and their "impossible" are leaving those skilled & experienced stitchers behind by misleading other audience by using the power they already have.

There is a huge gap between “Can’t” and “Don’t”, and culture should always be changed by “Don’t (Choose Not To)”, not “Can’t”. 


Please, please learn Sashiko from someone who know what they are teaching: not by someone who easily use the word "Impossible" to the culture they do not know well enough to say so. 


We can make Front adn Back side of Sashiko so clean & almost identical. Here are the proof by one of the rising Sashiko Artisans. 


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