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Original Sashiko Thread - Indigo Green Special & One of a Kind

Original Sashiko Thread - Indigo Green Special & One of a Kind

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A set of Green from the Dye of Japanese Blue.

It requires a detail & complicated process to have "Green" from Natural Indigo Dyes. We offer beautiful Indigo Dyed Sashiko Threads as regular threads. These are the Irregular Sashiko Threads (No availability to restock). I hope you would enjoy the Color from Keioko's Hand & Nature.

*This is a One-of-a-kin Dye Batch in 2022 that we received from Keiko. We initially intended to keep them as our collection (archive). As we would need to increase cash flow in 2024, we decided to offer to public. 

*I am happy to consider a discount(5%~15%) when you wish to have a whole or a half of collection. 


[Product Information]

  • Manufacture in Japan, hand dyed by Keiko Futatsuya
  • Material : Cotton 100%, Natural Indigo & Solution for Dye
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 29 g
*Specifically Designed for Sashiko purpose. (A video for "Why Sashiko Thread?")

*Please refer to the article regarding our Natural Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread for more information about the types and procedure of our Indigo Dye. This product is not following the "Authentic & Japanese traditional Indigo Dye, so called Hon-Aizome (Sei-Aizome)"

*Please read the article of How to handle Natural Dye Thread and Fabric.

[Color Choices]

  • IGS_A_1 (Uguisu/Yellow Green)
  • IGS_A_2 (Uguisu/Yellow Green)
  • IGS_B_1 (Tokusa Green)
  • IGS_B_2 (Tokusa Green)
  • IGS_C_1 (Emerald Green)
  • IGS_C_2 (Emerald Green)
  • IGS_D_1 (Tokiwa Green)
  • IGS_D_2 (Tokiwa Green)
  • IGS_E_1 (Indigo Green)
  • IGS_E_2 (Indigo Green)


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