It isn't a Sashiko Tour. It is Sashiko Study Group in Japan.

It isn't a Sashiko Tour. It is Sashiko Study Group in Japan.

I am having an exciting time to plan for the "Sashiko Japan Tour" I introduced in another blog article. It isn't very Japanese to say this... but I am very proud of myself working hard to accumurate so much trust & friendship among Sashiko in Japan. The more I add an event/workshop/learning opportunity to the itinerary, the more I wonder if I would call it "Sashiko Japan Tour". There are many words to describe what I am trying to do - Tour, Trip, Journey, Workshops... If I were to name it at this point, it is a Sashiko Study Group happening in Japan - welcoming those who wish to learn a part of Sashiko in Japan, translated very carefully into English.


Workshop/Class Opportunities with Experienced Artisans

As plans get confirmed, I would like to introduce some of the Artisans who are going to be part of the workshop series. Well... intesestingly, though, some of them are not willing to be introduced, yet they are willing to share their wisdom to the participants to the Tour.

Some of the Experienecd Sashik Artisans do not wish to be introduced with face & their names on the Internet. There are many reasons for their decision, and it is what makes them more Japanese (Politeness, Humble, lack of confident, and fear to be extraordinary).


It is my sincere hope that I can introduce everyone one day... but, for now, I say that there are many Experienced Sashiko Artisans who are part of this "Study Group" - therefore, I feel, it isn't like the tour any longer.


A piece of Wisdom here and there, and Everywhere

My mother Keiko keeps offering a piece of wisdom she has to be a part of these 10 days. At this point already, I feel overwealmed by the amount of offering I have received. It is my goal to include all of the piece of beautiful wisdom. 

It may be included to the workshop. It may be a series of small "lecture" or "Chatting" in the lobby of the hotel before the departure. It may be a paragraph on the Designated Reading materials they may receive.

We will find a beautiful piece of wisdom everywhere, and therefore I find it more like "Sashiko Study Group" rather than "Tour". We visit several cities & do small amount of sightseeing. We travel using transportation. We stay Hotels... so it is probably categorized as "Tour"... but, every single day, there will be something new in Sashiko. 


I believe I am the Only One who can organize this. 

This isn't very Japanese to say this... but I strongly believe that I am the Only One who can organize this tour. 40 years of experience in Sashiko (not only stitching but also "living with" Sashiko) will help me to obtain the trust from the new Sashiko Students. 7 years of me teaching Sashiko in Japanese, and helping them to be able to stich like we do give me a credential to ask them to offer their skill as "a Class". 

It is a crystalized Sashiko Journey that I have been going through with my sincere pleasure. A participant will be part of it in the 10 Days of Sashiko. I am very proud of what I can do - to invie them to my personal & our professional journey.


This may be the best way to "Pass Down the Sashiko" we practice.

It is my hope to continue offering this "Sashiko Japan Tour" or "Sashiko Study Group in Japan". As I would like to respect all the Artisans, as my priority is to make the participants' time as Comfortable as possible, the Pricing for the Tour isn't the cheap side. Although I do not think it is high-end as we can find other Japan Tours focusing on Textiles with higher pricing, I understand it is a big commitment. 

We all keep trying to our best to make it happen again. We continue thinking through what would be the best way to "Pass Down" or "Preserve" the Sashiko we have been practicing. The best way is for you to experience it, with us, with others who actually stitch today, and the time we meet.

If you are interested in joining this opportunity, please fill out the Waiting List. When I have enough people who are interested in the tour, I will start actively looking for the time to make it happen again.


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