Coron Sashiko Thread in 2024

Coron Sashiko Thread in 2024

One of the best Sashiko we strongly recommend is Coron Sashiko Thread. We use them every day. It is Sashiko Thread manufactured by Coron Threads Company for decades. Coron Sashiko Thread once became quite popular among Sashiko Practitioners, and it still has been one of the best choices for the Sashiko Stitchers. Some may wonder, though, that Coron Sashiko Threads have been more difficult to obtain. I would like to explain what is going on... so here is a story behind the Coron Sashiko Thread in 2024.


[Additional Notes].

The "Traditional Sashiko Threads" & Natural Dye Sashiko Threads on this website are all the Best Sashiko Thread I talk about in this article. They are available for purchase on this website.


Many Kinds of Sashiko Threads Available in the Market.

As Sashiko gets very popular, many thread/textile/handicraft manufactures start producing threads for Sashiko Stitching. As there is no such a thing as "The Correct Sashiko", the answer to the question of [What is the best Sashiko Thread] varies based on the stitchers' preference.

At the same time, however, there are so many stories why Coron Sashiko Threads have been one of the best choices for many Sashiko Stitchers for decades. For the specific reasons, please read this article that I wrote. Although I said it is about preference, yet my word is very sincere that [Thread Matters].


Coron Sashiko Threads kept its popularity regardless of the emergence of many other Sashiko Threads in the market. It wasn't the issue of competitors so much as they have their own strength in Sashiko Threads. I had permission to be a solo distributor of Coron Sashiko Thread in the U.S. market, and many enjoy the supreme quality of Coron. I know a number of Sashiko Stitchers who "need" Coron Sashiko Thread to fully enjoy their Sashiko.

Well. Then, why don't we see more Coron Sashiko Threads now? The issue existed outside of the trend - in fact, it had been a challenge for a long time, and the pandemic became the last nail in the coffin. 


Long Story Short, the Coron Sashiko Threads no longer exists. In Covid-19, the president of Coron Sashiko Thread Company had to make a difficult decision to discontinue its production. Then, very unfortunately, he passed away in the middle of handing it over.


Coron Sashiko Threads in 2024

The news made us extremely sad. He wasn't an easy person to communicate with, yet he was proud of what he was making. We respect and respect even now how Coron Threads preserve its tradition. 

After they discontinued production, we faced the reality of not being able to have the same threads again. It has been almost 3 years since, and now I can talk about it somewhat calmly. However, it wasn't an easy process to even think of shifting the threads as we sincerely thought the threads manufactured by Corons are the best Sashiko Thread available.


After all, as of 2024, we have another well-established threads company who took over the tradition/dignity of Coron Sashiko Threads. It is a big fortune for us to continue offering the best Sashiko Threads, and it is a big relief that the tradition will be continued, although the brand name Coron Sashiko Threads will be discontinued at some point. 

As the existing thread manufacture took over the Coron Thread Production line, the capacity of its production isn't as stable as before. Therefore, you may find the threads out of stock even in 2024. We are working hard to stabilize it, and we sincerely hope that we will be able to recover the good flow of Coron Sashiko Threads in near future.


Acknowledgement  for Cultural Sustainability 

There are so many stories why we keep using the Coron Sashiko Threads. Unfortunately, though, due to the limited resources, we didn't have a global network to have a bigger market. A big company with a bigger network & resources would do better in today's market. 

The competition itself is a healthy activity. Don't get me wrong. I sincerely respect other Japanese thread manufacturers jumping into the market. What I find as issues are those non-Japanese who minimize the significance of Sashiko Threads. They simplify the culture saying "Any Thread is fine for Sashiko" or "The thickness is the key for Sashiko Threads".


It is true that thickness is important in Sashiko.

It is true that a Sashiko stitcher can use any threads for Sashiko.


However, saying that without acknowledging the cultural background can destroy the bigger wisdom & it is damaging the Cultural Sustainability. 


Your purchase of our threads will directly support the future of "Pre Coron Sashiko Thread". We don't know how we are going to name it later on - but as of now, we call it "Traditional Sashiko Thread".

The same materials. The same Colors. The same wisdom for the best Sashiko practice. We sincerely appreciate your acknowledgement for the healthy Cultural Sustainability of Japanese Sashiko.


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