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4 Lines (Shiawase) Sashiko Furoshiki | Full 15 Colors

4 Lines (Shiawase) Sashiko Furoshiki | Full 15 Colors

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It is as simple as let the needle keep running to make stitches, yet this is the core principal of what Sashiko is. The continous rhythm in Unshin create the beautiful pieces with proper strength in Fabric.

This is 2024 Version of Sashiko Furoshiki using 15 Color of Sashiko Threads. 4 lines for each color, meeting the next color. 4 (Shi) & Meeting (Awase) goes to Shiawase - which means "Happiness" in Japanese. It is merely a word play, but I find it natural in our Sashiko. 

This is a rare "Commission Work" I do for anyone who wish to have what I stitch.


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Size: About 108cm x 108cm (About 42.5 inch x 42.5 inch).

Materials: Cotton 100% Indigo Dyed Fabric + 15 Colors of Traditional Sashiko Threads 


Edge is trimmed by sewing machine. Ready to Use.

*Please be advised that this Furoshiki is "Order to Made". Please allow us to have a few monthes to complete. Once we receive your order, we will update the detail delivery date.

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