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Sashiko Thimble & Sashiko Needles Set | Sashi.Co

Sashiko Thimble & Sashiko Needles Set | Sashi.Co

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This is a set of Sashiko Thimble & Sashiko Needles we use in our daily stitching as Sashiko Artisans. The Thimble and the Needle last long, and these are 2 fundamental tools you need for our Sashiko Stitching.

[Contents of the Regular Set]

  • - Sashiko Thimble x 1 (15mm x 15mm x 15mm)
  • - Sashiko Needles x 3 (51.5 mm Length with best flexibility and durability)
[Product Information]
  • Manufactured in Japan.
  • Supplied from Keiko Futatsuya (Sashi.Co)

*Due to the limited stock in the U.S., the item packaging may be a bit different from the photo or previous design. However, the contents themselves, 3 Sashiko needles and 1 Sashiko thimble, are the exactly the same. 

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