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Sashiko Denim by Natsuki #001

Sashiko Denim by Natsuki #001

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One of a kind, all hand-stitched. Unbelievable work, Incredible Sashiko Denim by Natsuki.

Choosing a good second-hand Levi's and Sashiko stitched throughly with spending so much effort and joy. The Sashiko stitches are so beautiful, as good as ours (Sashi.Co quality) since she graduated from one of Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop.


Celebrate Natsuki's debut with her incredible Sashiko Denim Jeans. Keep one of her collection as "yours". This is a master piece. This will be the future Boro.

*Not For Sale & No Commission Work Available as of 2024


[Product Information]

Original Denim: Levi's 503

Sizing: W34 and L36

Year: Unknown

Thread: #10 Original White and #12 Bright White

*No knots. All Kasane.


[Treatment Information]

Please hand-wash the denim until you confirm the thread secureness. All of the stitches are secured by overlay stitches (not knots). The more you wash the denim, the stronger the secure will be. After you confirm that the thread doesn't not fray or come off (let's say after 10 washes), you may machine-wash with gentle setting. If the natural dye Sashiko thread are used in Natsuki's denim, please use the neutral detergent. Please never use bleach, and any detergent contains the bleach or similar materials.

【Natsuki's Dream】

It is our dream to have an exhibition of Natsuki's Sashiko Denim sometimes in the future. It would be great if you could consider for agreeing with an idea of displaying your denim, when the exhibition is actually planned. We will cover the both shipping. The color, wear and tear of using it would increase the value of Sashiko Denim by Natsuki. Of course, once the purchase is complete, the denim will be yours. Therefore, this is merely our "favor" to ask when it comes to the right timing. We completely understand if you decide not to agree with our favor later on.

For a customer who agrees below, we provide 50% off.

It is our goal to spread this denim all over the world. So our profit can come later. Please consider to be part of this great journey.

50% Off coupon & Agreement

By using the coupon below, the customer agrees to follow the terms and condition.


  1. I will agree to lend Upcycle Stitches to display the denim (which I wear repeatedly overtime) when we have an exhibition (Shipping Fee will be covered by Upcycle Stitches).
  2. I will agree to leave a review after wearing for a certain time period with photos.
  3. I will agree to share the photo of the denim on SNS (if possible)
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