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Sashiko Fabric - Keiko Design Pattern (21) - 9 Traditional Patterns

Sashiko Fabric - Keiko Design Pattern (21) - 9 Traditional Patterns

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9 kinds of Traditional Geometric Pattenrs are already pre-printed on the fabric so that all you need is just to stitch. The difficulty of Sashiko is from Easy to Advanced. You can start Sashiko anywhere you want from the fabric & complete it as a tapestry, Art in frame, a pillos cushion, or even a Jacket! You may choose to make both side as "Finished Side" with Kasane, or simply cover the wrong side to complete. 


【Product Information】

MaterialIndigo Dyed Cotton 100% Fabric, Made in Japan(The Best Fabric for Sashiko we carry)

Size of the whole fabric:About 64 cm x 56 cm (About 25" x 22")

Size of the pattern printed: About 60cm x 46 cm with 1cm possible seam allowance. 

Size of each pattern pre-printed:About 20cm x 15 cm


*The pattern is silk-screen printed with washable ink. Please have a chalk pencil handy if you have a sweaty hands or live in humid area.

*If you are completely new to Sashiko, this fabric may be too big of a challenge. Please consider taking our Online Sashiko Class. Once you complete the Online Class, this fabric will be a joy.

*If you are new to Sashiko, please consider learning how to prepare the pattern as well. I appreciate your purchase of this fabric, of course! The videos & articles are available at the end of this product page.


Name of each pattern (from left up to right down)

  • 籠目 - Kagome
  • 雷立 - Kandachi
  • 檜垣 - Higaki
  • 麻の葉 - Asanoha
  • 山形 - Yamagata
  • 角七宝 - KakuShippou
  • 紗綾形 - Sayagata
  • 丸七宝 - MaruShippou
  • 十字つなぎ - Juji Tsunagi

【Information on How to Prepare the Pattern on the Fabric】

We offer some fabric with patterns pre-printed. At the same time, however, we believe it is extremely important to learn how to prepare the patterns on your fabric by yourself. I offer free tutorials on this topic. Please take a look at below.

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