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Sashiko Furoshiki #0123 - New & Hand Stitched in 2022

Sashiko Furoshiki #0123 - New & Hand Stitched in 2022

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Furoshiki - A Wrapping Cloth. The Japanese hand-stitched the Furoshiki a long time ago, and now it became popular in the Japanese vintage market as "Vintage Sashiko" or even "Boro". As it is popular as a vintage item, we can make the similar items, hand-stitched by Japanese Sashiko Artisans living today. We use high quality fabric & thread. This will be vintage at some point of its life. I hope you can spend your precious time with this "New Sashiko Furoshiki" to add your own stories.

Sashiko Stitched around the 4 corners (Please find a blog article for the reasons of this design).



[Product Information]

Size: About 110cm x 110cm (About 43.3 inch x 43.3 inch)

Condition: NEW

Fabric: Indigo Dye Cotton (Japanese Woven)*.

Hand Stitched by a Japanese Sashiko (to-be) Artisan with detailed supervision by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.

*The fabric is woven for the purpose of "Samue" working Jacket focusing on the durability of the fabric. It is NOT HonAiZome (Japanese traditional "Authentic" Indigo Dye with 100% Indigo - this is "Ryodate" which is a mix of both Natural & artificial Dye).

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