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Registration for Sashiko Japan Tour

Registration for Sashiko Japan Tour

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Sashiko Japan Tour 2024

10 Full-day Tour (11 Nights)
Sunday Novemver 17th to Wednesday November 27th. Recommended to be in Japa
n on November 16th.


This Tour is Fully Booked. Plaease fill out The SASHIKO JAPAN TOUR Waiting List for a possible opening & Future Tour. Thank you.


(Payment Schedule)

  1. Initial Deposit at the Registration: $50.00 USD (Non-Refundable)
  2. Full Deposit within 14 Days: $1,000.00 USD (Check or Zelle)
  3. Total Tour Cost: $6,350.00 USD (Check or Zelle)

After the $50.00 Registration Fee, Atsushi will send you a direction for the Full Deposit. The $50.00 will be applied for the 14 days of securing your spot. Please be noted that this $50.00 is Non-Refundable. (It will be applied to be a part of Full Tour Cost).

  • Online Sashiko Class is included in the Tour Fee. $350.00 Discount is available when the participant is a graduate of [Core & Essence] Workshop.
  • Single Occupancy (if not, some discount will be applied).
  • Tour limited to 8 participants 

Atsushi Futatsuya will lead the Tour, and Keiko Futatsuya will be with the Tour most of the time. 

For the Details of the Contents, please check the Desginated Website Below. If you aren't sure about the contents or how to register, please contact Atsushi from the website below.



6 nights in Tokyo | 4 night in Takayama | 1 night in Kanazawa

There are so many Sashiko that hasn't been introduced in English. This tour will embrace you with experience & actual Stitching.

You start in the modern metropolis of Tokyo for Sashiko Workshops & Being a part of Exhibition, and spend latter half in Takayama where Atsushi & Keiko's Sashiko start.

This tour delivers a non-stop array of Sashiko Experience with many help of Local Sashiko Artisans, hands-on workshops by unknown legendary Sashiko Teachers, and special opportunities desgiend by Japanese Sashiko Artisans. 



B=Breakfast,  OD=Official Dinner, DC=Dinner Choice W=Workshop
☆ means it may be subject to change due to the on-going arrangement. Other schedule may be subject to minor change (like switching days).

Day 0. Arrive at either Narita Airport (NRT) or Haneda Airport (HND) near Tokyo. Atsushi will greet you at a Bus Terminal Near the Hotel (Non-Stop Limousine Bus is available from both NRT and HND). 

Day 1. Visit Keiko's Tokyo Exhibition in the old downtown of Tokyo where you will meet many Japanese Sashiko Artisans. If the schedule allows, we will visit the Oedo Antique Market (The actual Antique Market date will be announced in August). Evening to Night, we will have a meet-up for the official greeting for the Beginning of this Journey. OD

Day 2. Start your day at the studio of MOKUYOUKAI, with the legendary Kogin Master, Takagi-Sensei. Immerse yourself into the world of Kogin for a Whole Day Workshop. You have a choice to stay at their studio afternoon to keep enjoying Kogin, or arrange a visit to other locations for your own interest. W, OD, 

Day 3. Workshop Opportunity by 2 Star Rising Sashiko Artisan, Nana & Shioriko to experience their Unshin & modern Koginzashi. We will make a visit to a suburb of Tokyo to experience the local family experience. W, DC

Day 4. Workshop with a Special Guest. Working on it! (As we stay in Shinjuku Area, you may arrange a visit to a shopping center nearby). W, B, DC

Day 5. Travel into the mountains to visit where Atsushi’s Sashiko had started: Takayama. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape in transit. B, OD

Day 6. A Full Day Workshop by Keiko Futatsuya to learn the “Authentic Boro” piece. For dinner, Atsushi's family will invite a whole group to their house to have the "Family Party (in Japanese Style)".   W, B, OD

Day 7. Sashiko Workshop by Reiko Obata, another legendary yet Unknown Sashiko Master with more than 40 years of experience in Sashiko. This is a day for the meet up with Japanese Sashiko Artisans in Takayama. Dinner will be served in the Official Meet-up. W, B, OD 

Day 8. A day of stitching while visiting a beautiful folk village museum - Hida no Sato. We will stop by a small antique fabric store where you may find a great deal of vintage fabric. For dinner, we will have an official Dinner at the long-established restaurant with 400+ years of history. B, OD

Day 9 Moving to Kanazawa after a short visit to the National Heritage of Shirakawa-go. A short Workshop may be available in Kanazawa (So Many Options!). I am working on it! B, DC

Day 10. Moving Kanazawa to Tokyo. Depending on the time of departure from Kanazawa, we may be able to visit either Tokyo Sky Tower or Asakusa. I am working on opportunities to meet guest Sashiko Artisans, but it may not be possible as it is a short day. DC

Day 11.  Dismiss the Tour in the Farewell Breakfast. B

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