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4 Lines (Shiawase) Sashiko Furoshiki | Double 15 Colors

4 Lines (Shiawase) Sashiko Furoshiki | Double 15 Colors

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A variation of Continuous Stitching from 3 Lines Shiawase Sashiko Furoshiki with Full 15 Colors. It has double of 4 lines (total of 8 lines) for each color. We are very happy to be able to offer this Furoshiki as a rare "Commission Work" 

4 (Shi) & Meeting (Awase) goes to Shiawase - which means "Happiness" in Japanese. It is merely a word play, but I find it natural in our Sashiko. 


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Size: About 108cm x 108cm (About 42.5 inch x 42.5 inch).

Materials: Cotton 100% Indigo Dyed Fabric + 15 Colors of Traditional Sashiko Threads 


Edge is trimmed by sewing machine. Ready to Use.

*Please be advised that this Furoshiki is "Order to Made". Please allow us to have a few monthes to complete. Once we receive your order, we will update the detail delivery date.

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