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Tulip Sashiko Needles | Big Eye Straight Thin Size

Tulip Sashiko Needles | Big Eye Straight Thin Size

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"Needle" is one of a few essential tools in Sashiko. To accomodate various needs and demands, we can find many choices in Sashiko Needles. Although there is no such a thing as Right or Wrong, we strongly recommend very specific needles because of our abundance of Sashiko Stories. 

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  • Manufactured in Japan (Tulip Company Limited) 
  • Size: 0.91 c 51.5 (mm) - Choice of Thin or Thick
  • Materials: Needles/Steel

This product should be used for sewing purposes only. Please keep out of reach of small children. 

Based on Feedback from Sashiko Artisans

7 years ago (in 2016~2017), before Sashiko has become this popular, Tulip Needle Company contacted us if we could offer the feedback for their new Sashiko Needles. Although we had our own Sashiko Needle for our Sashiko practice, we believed it would be very beneficial to offer our feedback to other well-reputated needle manufacture in Japan. We exchanged processes of using the needle, they revising the needle based on our feedbacks, and then this "Sashiko Needle Big Eye Straight" had its debut. 

Well... it is natural that we would have very similar needle as the needles for our Sashiko usages are quite specific. The length of 51.5mm, the size of needle eyes.. and such. As  the result, this Big Eye Straight Sashiko Needles are very similar to what we offer as "Sashi.Co Sashiko needle".

The difference is that they decided to offer 2 thickness for various purposes stitching through some thick fabric. We have 3 Choices under the "Big Eye Straight" Series: Thin, Thick and Kogin.

*Needle for Kogin need to satisfy very different purpose of stitching, so please find another page to purchase & understand the Kogin Needle. 

Thin one (THN-103e) is very close to our Original Sashiko Thread. Thick One (THN-102e) is a bit thicker than the needle we recommend. 


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