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Indigo Fabric for Sashiko Furoshiki | DIY & Ready to Stitch

Indigo Fabric for Sashiko Furoshiki | DIY & Ready to Stitch

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As I introduce a process of days of stitching on "Sashiko Shiawase Furoshiki" - I received quite many feedback that they want to try the same project. Here is the exact Fabric I used in a project with fixing the edge (so that the fabric won't start fraying). I also offer a choice to get the 15 Colors of Sashiko Thread with special discount as it is my intention to share the fun of this project - 4 lines of Sashiko Stitching meeting to make "Shiawase".

One can enjoy the same project with any fabric & threads. However, to fully enjoy the process, to practice with a proper technique & form, to help the Cultural Sustainability of Sashiko & its supplier, my recommendation is this DIY set. Your choice will directly help not only the suppliers in Japan but also some rising Sashiko Artisans who may be willing to stitch this for someone's Art.

I will list a link for the individual items 


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Furoshiki Size: About 108cm x 108cm (About 42.5 inch x 42.5 inch).

Materials: Cotton 100% Indigo Dyed Fabric. Edge is trimmed by sewing machine. Ready to Use.

Set Availability: Just fabric or with 15 Skeins of Sashiko Threads.


Fabric (without Trimming) & Threads are available on this Webstore, too.


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